Threads Connect

South African Quilt Festival 2019 is happening at Johannesburg, South Africa right now(finishes tomorrow, 23rd) and Irish Patchwork Society is showing 30 quilts along with Germany and South Africa. The theme of those quilts is “Interchange-Threads Connect”.

I thought I had missed the submission deadline but it was extended and I made one in July but quite in hurry!

The theme gave me an idea of interwoven pattern with a lot of colour. Rather than complicating the over all look, I made a top with coloured squares interlocked.

All the coloured parts are 1″ wide and made with scraps randomly.

I wanted to continue interwoven idea with quilting. So I quilted 1″ wide strips with coloured threads.

All the background was quilted with white and plume shape. I didn’t quilt squares.

I made this quilt larger than it needed and I trimmed it to the required size, 24″ by 16″. That made all the yellow parts, top on the photo above, cut off! Well that’s life.

My original intention was to put orange square on the top but after quilting, I changed my mind.