The end of November???

I am not sure how it’s the end of November already.
I don’t like to describe myself being busy but surely a lot happened this Autumn and I haven’t much time to sit down to make a new quilt.

Instead, I steadily worked on my millefiori or La passacaglia quilt whenever I found time and put all the top together.


Now slowly quilting bits by bits.



I had two classes outside of my studio which filled up my evening time and kept me away from my computer. As a result blogging was the last thing I wanted to do. Sorry about that.

Those classes were fun. On one of them, we were talking with sewing since English was not much useful! We made a lovely stuff there though. From Cielavina Tullow Facebook page

I went a lot of place and met a lot of people! Belfast, Dublin, Wexford.

Right now, I am making a mini quilt using pattern by Tartan Kiwi. I wanted to try one or two of hers but didn’t have any excuse to do so. When I heard about the swap on the Instagram, I immediately signed up!

It’s so much fun to see this pattern forming so quickly. It’s 7″ by 11″ and some parts are really tiny! I will finish it really soon!