Quilters Delight, safety pin cover


Attach Quilters Delight® safety pin grip covers to all your #1 safety pins.

Grip covers attached to safety pins are:

• Easy to use and makes basting faster. Saving you time!

• Easy to pick up and handle for arthritic hands and long fingernails

• Won’t tangle when left open and stored – open ready to use saving time for the next quilt

• Covers make it easy to see where you have basted on your quilt

• Attach to #1 straight or curved steel safety pins

• Packaged 200 per bag

• Made in the USA. Lifetime warranty

Safety pin grip covers are attached to #1 straight or curved steel safety pins. Use a crafter type needle nose pliers with a narrow tip to secure the safety pin to the grip cover. It takes less than one hour to attach 200 pins to the covers forever!

The safety pin grip covers are available in a mixed bag of various colours.

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