Fancy fern and snail print on grey background


Large print of snails and ferns on mid-grey background.
Haven series from Blend Fabrics.

100%cotton fabric from Blend Fabrics.

Haven, the debut collection for artist Stacy Peterson, is a journey through peaceful meadows and fields of flowers where charming woodland creatures frolic among friends and mosaic tiles are sprinkled in a soft palette of blue, pink, green, peach and grey. This whimsical world is the perfect backdrop for your next sewing project and so much more.

– Fronds Unfurled Grey –

On grey background, little clumps of ferns and mushrooms are scattered with some snails for added cuteness.

This grey is mid tone and slight warm hue in it.
Mint green and almost luminous yellow are used for plants.

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Weight 48 g
Dimensions 45 × 54 cm


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