New fabrics

New fabrics arrived last week and they are gradually added to my Etsy shop.


Bright orange flower print from Elizabeth Hartman. Terrarium series.

It’s so bring and cheerful. It will be a goof fit for any bright projects

This one is also designed by Elizabeth Hartman but much calmer hue. The most close description of this colour is pale almond. It’s not quite beige but not orange or brown.

From Arctic series.

I am gradually adding some batik fabrics to my studio and next two are beautifully pale batik.

Hand printed in Bali by Lunn Studio, this sky blue “+” pattern can be fit for any projects.

Also this one is from Lunn Studio.

Wisteria petal shapes are printed on light blue background.

Next two are from Lou Lou series.

This mid blue is slightly green and beautiful natural shade. I don’t know why I like this colour but I do.

This one has darker colour on the background and has light coloured scratch lines.

This one is plum. Is that pink or purple?

Unlike one above, this one has light colour on the background and darker scratch lines.


This is a wide backing fabric, 108″ wide.

Architexture series with very thin hand drawn type cross hatch pattern.

This colour is desert grass, dusty green and very pale. It almost looks like grey but definitely green is there.