New fabric September 2019

Very exciting new fabrics arrived a few week ago including these beautiful panels!

This very popular Dream Big flower panel is in slate blue. It’s 42″ by 42″ and digital printed.

There are so many of this print and I would love to have them all if I could! I really like this monotone and calmness it has but the same time the contrast is very striking.

Just quilt it as you wish to make a wall hanging or lap quilt. Or of course you can cut it up to make something more spectacular!

€20 per panel.

The one above is beautiful but if you are not sure of the size and colour, I have smaller one in pastel!

This panel is 27″ by 42″. Pink one is 26.5″ x 26″, Blue, 15.5″ x 16″, and white, 10.5″ x 11″.

You can cut up each flower to make three different project like cushion or bag. They can be perfect for a centre of a large quilt too.

We just need a imagination!

€13.50 per panel.

And this year’s new addition to the Dream Big series is Leaf. When I saw this first time on the Instagram, I was totally amazed.

The detail of leaves are just unbelievable! No wonder lot more manufactures are heading towards digital print technique.

Again they have several colours but this Autumn hue looked just perfect!

€20 per panel.

This one is also digital print. Designed by McKenna Ryan, beautiful winter forest scene.
The design is spread a half width of fabric, 21″ and continues length way.
Water, pine forest and sky are printed in water colour style.
Cut up to use parts to create pictorial quilts or use in the length way to make home decor?
It will be lovely for Christmas.

€16 / yard.

This digital print one is also by McKenna Ryan.

Monet like blending purple and pink water surface design with small daisy print.

This can be a beautiful blending fabric on the soft tone quilt.

€16 /yard

I have two Batik added to my shop. Both are from Timeless Treasure Fabrics, Tonga batik.

This one is fresh lemon yellow with mosaic wood print. Not like majority of batik, it’s a clean sparkly colour.

All hand dyed and as a result of that, there are occasional smudge.

€15 /yard

This one is light sky blue and again it’s a nice clean colour.

It’s made with nice silky combed cotton as any batik. These would make a nice shirt or summer dress, don’t you think?

€15 /yard

Bright red marble print from Timeless Tresure Fabrics.
Maraschino red from Solid-ish series.
It’s a yummy cherry red with some orange added. Not too strong and not too bright. Little bit calming but nice clean red(if you know what I mean!).

€13 /yard

Bit of pink! With a peach hue.

Dash flow basic series from Dear Stella.

You can call it salmon pink too. Bright and cheerful.

Lighter dash parts are same colour as the main part.

€13 /yard

I added another black fabric to the collection.

This one is printed with tiny text which is light grey since blackness is coming through.

From the distance, it looks like a textured black due to the print. It has softer edge compared with the pure black.

€12 /yard

Few low volumes/neutrals.

This one is cute hexagon print from Marcus Fabrics.

This fabric with soft cream hue would  be great for kids and young people’s projects. Perfect for lining or backing of quilt too.

€14 /yard

The basic and essential tone on tone, cream fabric with white leaf print.

If pure white is not your thing, this one is the perfect soft alternate.

€8 /yard

However, if you need pure white, tone on tone, of course I have one too!

White print on white fabric. And the print is reptile scale or pebble. They are very tiny and densely printed.

€12 /yard