I think I am still a little bit in the gradation mode since the last one. And the image came up in my head was the colour gradation going in two ways, one from yellow to red and purple and the other is yellow to blue and purple.

I did draw a pattern before I faced actual fabrics but once I started cutting fabric, I just started improvising the black background.

This blue/green side was made side

All the coloured strips were same, 1.5″ diamonds. The placement of them and width of black was made up as I went.

Then I made orange/red one. Same way but blue/green one had to be included for the consideration.

red side

Then two were pieced in a curved line.

joint top

Now it was time to add some details which were circles.

I had enough left over stripes to make two large circles around 12″ which were appliqued on above. Still improvising here. Well actually all the way to the end…

first two circles

Then the background circles were cut out and made into smaller one and then appliqued somewhere else repeatedly until I satisfied with the look.

I didn’t cut any edges until quilting was done fully. One reason is laziness perhaps but other is reusing those for some pot holder or something else small later. Anyway It’s fun to have more space to quilt 🙂inished top

Then quilting on the black fabric. I drew a lot of overlapping circles in different sizes. And then I quilted each intersected area with different coloured thread and different quilting motives. I used mostly Wonderfil rayon thread 40wt because they shows up nicely on the black including wobbliness!

quilting intersection 08

Can you see the tiny sections on the upper left? Maybe I shouldn’t design like this but I did and I decided to stick to it.

quilting intersection 06

Some parts were big enough for graffiti!

Stripes were quilted with mono-filament thread and just simple curved lines.quilting intersection 05

Some parts didn’t end up inside any circles and those were quilted with black thread to stay as background like bottom right on the picture below.

quilting intersection 07

And then I found I could quilt roses 🙂

quilting intersection 04

And this is the full view. 80cmW by 120cmH. I am calling it “Intersection”.

finished intersection.jpg




One Comment

Julie Fukuda
November 24, 2018 11:22 pm

I really like this, but I think I would have moved just one of those red circles to the purple side. It is so interesting that when using a machine, you can get much more creative than when sewing bits by hand that have to be marked and arranged up front.