How to cut the hexagon shape

You may already know how to cut the hexagon shape but if you don’t, here is how without special ruler or template! If you are the lucky to have dye cut tool, this way you can make any size you want.

  1. Decide the size of hexagon means the distance between two parallel lines.
  2. Cut the fabric to strips with width of size plus seam allowance( 1/2″). In my case here, it’s 3 1/4″.how-to-hex-1
  3. Fold the fabric half in length way exactly.
  4. Place the 60 degree angle line on the edge of fabric. Make sure the fold side sticks out not the edge. My poor old tired ruler needs retirement…how-to-hex-2
  5. Cut the fabric and open the fold. You should have this
  6. Place the ruler measurement on one of the line you just cut. 3 1/4″ for me. And cut!how-to-hex-4
  7. Do the same to the last
  8. Now you have a perfect