Fake fabric button

Do you make fake or decorative fabric buttons? I know I can make fabric wrapped/covered button if I can get the parts easily. If I am back in Japan, I run into 100yen shop to buy a half dozen of them for one hundred yen. But not in Ireland unfortunately (Well if you know the good supplier in Ireland, do let me know). So I make fake one instead which only used for the decorative purpose not used as a button. Here is how!

1. Cut out the cardboard in the size you want, this one I made 14mm in diameter.Image

2. Find a nice piece of fabric for the cover of button at least twice big as the card board circles. I picked this one and the flower comes in the middle. Yes I keep very small scraps…

3. Cut wadding in same size. I wanted make this one very round so I put three layer of wadding. I keep very small scrap of wadding for this purpose or just cant put anything in a bin. Alternatively you can use the polyester filler and scrunch it.


4. Make a sandwich of the cardboard at the bottom, the wadding in the middle and the fabric at the top. Stitch around the shape with big stitch with about 1/8″ seam allowance. If you make stitches small, it want close nicely.


4. Cut the excess fabric around about twice the size of the cardboard.

5. Pull the end of thread to close the button. Give it a few more stitches to reduce the bulkiness.

6. Finished!


I made a knot after closing the back of buttons but didn’t cut the thread which I use for attaching these buttons on the bag.


Little cute button goes very well with this bag. What do you think?





October 31, 2013 10:02 pm

Hi Tomomi, lovely to see you blogging! Very pretty buttons. Great to see how easy they can be made if necessary.

Slaney Handcraft
October 31, 2013 11:21 pm

Still sorting a lot Liga, getting there. It’s a nice thing to make and matches whatever I’m making.