Applique circle

I am hand appliquéing circle shapes today and decided to write a little tutorial  of how to make circle shapes. Even if you don’t like hand stitching appliqué, this could be useful because you can fuse appliqué made this way. Or make yo-yo quilt.
1) Make templates
I used cardboard paper. If you have any plastic ready made ones which will do fine too.
Circle shapes can be found anywhere in the house. Find something to draw the shape.
2) Cut out fabric with seam allowance roughly 1/2″.

circle 01

Mine is very rough.

3) Tack it about 1/4″ from outside. Stitch length is about 1/4″. Smaller circle needs smaller stitch length in order to avoid peaks forming. For bigger circle, stitches can be bit bigger.
Start stitching from right side of fabric because that way you can remove the knot easily.
Stitch all the way around and one or two stitches. The needle should end on right side of fabric.
circle 02
4) Pull the thread in continuous way. In this picture, to the right.
circle 03
5) Press while pulling the thread. Fix if there is any peaks. See my stitches are bit too big and created peaks.  I smoothed them out when stitching with the point of needle.
Starch to shape if you like.
circle 05
circle 04
6) remove the template and press again. Put a book or something on it while it is still hot to make it flat.
Cut tacking thread just after the knot and pull out the thread. That way you don’t have to thread needle again as well as less waste of thread.
Attach fusible web if you like.
I hope that is useful for you.





Julie Fukuda
March 1, 2016 4:06 am

I thought of that as I was making cat circles for the baby quilt but because of the print, some of the edges were only suitable for needle-turn. That technique does make neater circles and probably takes less time in the end.

Janie Kemp
March 1, 2016 10:36 pm

I hadn’t seen this technique before. Thanks for sharing it. I’ll have to give it a try.